Tuesday, July 14, 2009

These Boots Were Made for Walking

My friends are having babies... I can't believe it. Marriage? Babies? Is it that time of life already??? I wasn't even aware that my body was capable of producing such a miracle. Fortunately, being a knitter (or in this case, amateur crocheter) is a good thing when babies start appearing. What could be more fun than cranking out some mukluks- baby size?!?!?!

The pattern? Here.

I won't lie. I'm far from the world's greatest crocheter, but I must admit to having had a bit of a problem reading this pattern. I'm new to this crochet business... ok? I think I might have made a few parts up. I know for a fact that I made the leg much longer than called for, but that's just me not wanting to stop.

The yarn? One ball, you heard me ONE BALL!!!! of Drops Fabel. Shade # 911.
That's a pair of baby boots for only $5.50!
You can afford to give people you don't even know baby boots for that price!

The hook? 3 mm
But, don't let that scare you. These puppies whip up in no time.

And of course- flowers.

They match the boots! I couldn't resist.


Anonymous said...

EGADS! Where's my crochet hook? LOVES THEM!


Anonymous said...

love the booties.....are bigger sizes in your future?

Anonymous said...

booties and flowers! fuchsias are among my very favourites!
have a good weekend,

Anonymous said...

OH how nice!!!

I admire your will to teach yourself how to read a crochet pattern. All of my attempts have been unsuccessful so far. Thanks for getting me hooked on granny squares. Wowzers. Im hooked. Haha.

Which babies toes get to fancy these?


Anonymous said...

OK...so the last 4/5 posts have been pink/purple....what are you trying to tell us? Love it all.

Meghan Chapman said...

Never mind baby sized mukluks, I wanna crank out mukluk sized babies! They are too cute to handle.

would you make mukluks for my mini babies?