Thursday, April 09, 2009

Most Boring Knitter of the Year

Why? Because I wasn't even knitting for a while. I had a project that bombed so bad that it made me want to run off and be a deep sea diver. Fortunately though, that feeling only lasted about 10 minutes. (FYI-10 minutes of no knitting, can feel like an eternity). You know that feeling though? When you've spent hours on a project, only to have it come out like something from... er, the inside of a cat? Yeah. That's pretty much what happened. BUT- as always, granny squares saved the day and I got over my funk.

Too bad it makes for painfully boring blogging.

Fortunately for me though, I have wonderful people around me that make things that actually turn out. Check it! Cute baby shrug. I suppose it's hard to see that it's a shrug without a baby actually IN the shrug, but that's what this is. UGH! I want one. (A shrug, not a baby- right now anyway).

The yarn? Cascade Luna.
The knitter? Christine.
The pattern? Knitting Pure and Simple Baby Shrug #288.

In just a few short weeks, some little hip baby will be strolling through the tulip garden in one wicked outfit. I have faith.

Oh, and yeah. I have been cranking out several things that aren't square, and aren't crocheted. I promise. You just wait and see! I'll show you!


Anonymous said...

The snow IS disappearing, again... The shrug is extremely cute. We'll be watching for your next project, Lynn.