Friday, May 25, 2007

Lacey, Lace, Lace

How nice it is to finish a lace project. It's been discussed before-nothing is more satisfying than blocking out a piece of lace. To me, all those hours of knitting are well worth it when I finally get to pull the daylights out of it and admire all the little holes and patterns.
My lace, is hot pink.
Why not?
You can choose to agree or disagree with it.

Here we are pre-blocking on my (wool) carpet.

Here we are blocking outside in the nice warm weather.

Here we are nice and totally done, sunning on the lovely little flowers in the yard.

Here we are... 'hanging' out. (Sorry-that was terrible, but I couldn't resist).

Here's the info you need to know-
Swallowtail shawl.
Interweave knits Fall 2006.
Designed by-Evelyn A. Clark.
Yarn- Garnstudio Drops Alpaca. Only 2 balls! (make that one and 3/4)
Colour- uhm... I don't know the colour number. But, it's hot pink- hard to miss.
Needles- 3.5 mm Addi Turbo lace needles.
How long did it take? I don't know. I'm an ADD knitter. I knit about seventy different things on any given day. I would say, not long though.

Anything else?
No, I think that's everything.

Notice I have posted more than once this week? I'm getting better at this.


Monika said...

Nice to have you back! I love this Shawl! Your turned out beautifully even in hot pink! ;o)
I was about to delete you from my favorites, since nothing much was going on, but I'll hold off for a while! ;o)

Anonymous said...

wowowow! beautiful! can't wait to see it in person!

Anonymous said...

I love the shawl! have you got a special event to wear it? I think it is italy worthy for sure.